Autoblow 2 Male Masturbator

The world’s first blowjob machine is now even better. The Autoblow 2 is a complete re-design of the original and massively popular automatic blowjob toy.

The Autoblow 2 makes good 100% the promise of the first version. Now the ultimately realistic blowjob experience, you will want this thing to be sucking your cock again and again!

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Robotic Male Masturbators

A number of automatic male masturbators have come on to the market recently, allowing men to experience hands free masturbation at the flick of a switch.  The following are the automatic masturbators or ‘masturbation machines’ that we would recommend :

The Autoblow Robotic Blowjob Male Masturbator – $99.95

autoblow-male-masturbatorThe Autoblow Male Masturbator is the world’s first automatic blowjob machine.  This is the male masturbator that takes the FleshLight to the next level – to the level where it does all the work and you can simply let your imagination do the rest.

Som Rocket Sex Machines – $300-600 (order directly from Japan for guarenteed and quick delivery!)


 The Som Sex Machine range are the most sophisticated automatic male masturbators that you can buy.  Made in Japan, order direct from the land of the rising sun for 100% reliable delivery to the USA and the rest of the world.

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Better Than Real Pussy Claudia

claudia-pussyBetter Than Real Pussy ($21)

The sweet luscious lips of this better than real skin pussy invite you in to a beautiful ribbed love tunnel.

Feels nice and tight, and the ribbed inner sleeve has been designed to grip your shaft as you slide in and out.

Made out of amazingly real skin like material.

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Devon’s Private Pleasures

devons-private-pleasuresDevon’s Private Pleasures ($21)

Two holes to choose from in this beautifully realistic yet highly affordable masturbator modelled on the best features of pornstar Devon.

What particularly impresses about this masturbator, apart from the beautifully detailed pussy lips, is the sumptious soft feel of the realistic skin.

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Cheap Travel Masturbator

travel masturbator pussyTravel Masturbator Pussy ($15)

If you’re looking for a cheap masturbator small enough to take with you on your travels, this might be your best buy.  Just $15 for a tight, ribbed pocket masturbator that is made from ‘better than real’ artificial skin material.

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Top 5 Male Masturbators

A few years ago, the idea of male sex toys was still quite novel, at least in the USA and Europe.  Whilst women could choose from thousands of sophisticated vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys, men were really getting a raw deal.  Most sex toys were gimmicky and cheap (aka. blow-up-sex-dolls).   Then came the Fleshlight, proving once for all that there was a huge market for male masturbators.  Men it seemed, wanted to use something better than their hands, and they were willing to pay for it, so long as it delivered the masturbation goods.  Now we have dozens of good quality masturbators to choose from, including virtual sex toys and blowjob machines.  And even some of the cheaper masturbators, such as the Head Honcho, are very good quality.

Here is a list of my five favourite male masturbators :

1/ Autoblow Blowjob Machine $99 :  If you love having your penis sucked, but don’t have a gf who can give it to you 24hours a day, then spending $99 on the Autoblow is a wise investment.

2/ FleshLight Girls – $50 – $100 FleshLight continue to develop their ground breaking range of masturbators with the realistic FleshLight Girl artificial vaginas modelled on the actual pussies of your favourite pornstars.

3/ Som Sex Machines – $100 – $400+ Japanese companies are pushing the barriers for male sex toys, and their SOM sex machines are amongst the most advanced male masturbators in the world.

4/ Tenga Flip Hole Black – $108 Another Japanese masturbator that is one of the most sophisticated male sex toys ever made.  Incredibly detailed and varied ribbed and noduled inner sleeve that can be manipulated by the clever use of vacuum pressure controlled by buttons running up the side of the toy.

5/ Special mention to the Sue Johnson Head Honcho – a quality male masturbator only $17.99 !!

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Grip Silicone Male Masturbation Sleeve

Grip Silicone Masturbation SleeveGrip Silicone Male Masturbation Sleeve – $48

A luxurious male masturbation sleeve at under $50.  The Grip is made from exclusive Vixskin Silicone which provides for a soft and silky interior unlike any other male masturbator you have used before.

The Grip is so named because of its motorcycle handle grip, a unique feature that not only gives you more control than most masturbation sleeves, it also provides a more discreet and ‘non-sex toy’ look.  Exclusive to Babeland.

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Cobra Libre Male Masturbator

Cobra Libre Male MasturbatorCobra Libre Male Masturbator – $139

The amazing Cobra Libre, a groundbreaking male masturbator that has quickly become one of the most talked about new sex toys for men since the Fleshlight.  Unlike most male masturbators, the Cobra is only designed to stimulate the penis head – and because of its expert design, the powerful engine, and touch sensitive casing, it does this in a way that possibly no other masturbator can.

The only way to experience what all the fuss is about is to try this ‘Vibrator for Men’ out for yourself.  At $139 from BabeLand it’s in a similar price range to the likes of the FlipHole and Autoblow.  I’ve yet to read a negative review.

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Roto-Bator Male Masturbator – $100.11

According to the manufacturers, the soft, silicone fins of the Roto-Bator will powerfully spin at two different remote controlled speeds whilst all the time deliciously hugging your penis.  If you’ve only ever used Fleshlights and other fake pussy masturbators then you probably won’t know what has hit you when you try a sex toy like the Roto-Bator.  This is another toy that doesn’t seek to realistically simulate sex, but claims to provide you with intense sexual sensations that no woman on earth could provide.

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Riley Steele Fleshlight Masturbator

Riley Steele Fleshlight Masturbator The guys at Fleshlight have been working overtime lately to keep our cocks happy.  Not satisfied with giving us the tight pussy of Lupe Fuentes to use as our personal sex toy, tight teen American porn sensation Riley Steele has been added to their ever growing rostra of Fleshlight Girls.

The Riley Steele Fleshlight is tight and attractive, as you would expect of a male masturbator modelled on the actual pussy of a beautiful blonde teenage starlet.

Click to buy the Riley Steele Fleshlight – $79.95

Riley Inner Lotus Canal

Inner Texture of the Riley Steele Male Masturbator

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